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Questions Before having floor installed!

Is the environment Suitable for the flooring I want? 

The choices available to you may depend on the conditions in your space. Not all flooring is constructed to withstand high moisture levels or fluctuations in temperature—you'll need to be sure…

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Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Flooring Installer

1. Is your installer licensed and insured to do this kind of work?

Knowing this information will tell you if your installer is trustworthy and has taken the necessary steps to conduct their business legally. It also means that you…

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The Right Floor For The Right Room


 The biggest mistake you can make is installing the wrong make of flooring in the wrong area! Of course you can install any flooring in any room but you always want to remember that the floor you install can have…

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The Importance Of Prepping Your Floor

Over time I am realizing that there are many installation companies that will do their best to avoid a lot of important steps to prepping a job.

Sanding subfloors, Pouring floor leveler or even sometimes Re-Sheeting a subfloor with an…

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