The Importance Of Prepping Your Floor

Over time I am realizing that there are many installation companies that will do their best to avoid a lot of important steps to prepping a job.

Sanding subfloors, Pouring floor leveler or even sometimes Re-Sheeting a subfloor with an additional subfloor covering if it would make the 

finished product more structurally Sound. 

In this blog post I just want to explain to all customers or DIY installers the importance of prepping your job accordingly to the type of floor you are installing or having installed. Many floating floors require no more than 3/8ths of a gap between the product and the subfloor within a 6ft Span. Vinyl Plank floors are a little more forgiving allowing up to 1/4 of an inch with in a 10ft span between the product and the subfloor. so when a level is put down on the floor if there is an existing gap between the level and the subfloor then its always in the best interest of the install to fill that difference to assure your warranty and to assure that your floor will stay together.

Now for hardwood flooring there are many different requirements to those specs so always read the install instructions for the best install outcome possible.

Many people will try to dodge any additional cost when it comes to jobs such as this and its understandable in the sense that these projects are not cheap and can seem costly. I promise this though if you try to avoid the prep work it can become extremely costly in the future for you when your floor starts to separate. That means that an installer will have to come out and in some cases pull the entire floor up to fix the issue and then put it back down witch isnt always cheap depending on who is doing it.

I Have attached two images as to give an idea on what to look for before installing or having your floor installed.

if you feel this isnt something you can tackle always feel free to shoot us an email and we will be more than happy to help you solve the issue!

I hope this post was helpful for you and as always God Bless.




-Gavin Dorman-

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