The Right Floor For The Right Room


 The biggest mistake you can make is installing the wrong make of flooring in the wrong area! Of course you can install any flooring in any room but you always want to remember that the floor you install can have higher risk of a smaller survival if it is installed in certain areas. For example Tile or vinyl plank are perfect for laundry rooms and bathrooms because of the resistance they have against water and humidity. Moisture barely stands a chance against floor styles of that nature. Installing hardwood floors or laminate style flooring in rooms like that could turn out to not be a good idea in the long run due to the fact that as soon as it gets wet, it runs the chance of buckling and separating from moisture and climates that have higher humidity. Hardwood flooring styles are perfect for family rooms, hallways and even bedrooms if you don't mind a cold floor in the morning! The moisture in those areas are much lower and almost always live beyond the Warranty life span as long as the prep work before the install has been done correctly. ( Refer to blog post before this one about prepping your floor) it is always in your best interest to check the install guide of whatever floor you are installing to ensure that you are receiving the best outcome on your install.


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