Questions Before having floor installed!

Is the environment Suitable for the flooring I want? 

The choices available to you may depend on the conditions in your space. Not all flooring is constructed to withstand high moisture levels or fluctuations in temperature—you'll need to be sure that your chosen flooring is compatible with your home's environment before you commit. Once you've made that commitment, it's a good idea to acclimate flooring made from natural materials to its new setting before you install it. This allows the planks to expand or contract based on your household temperature and humidity. The time needed for this process is variable, depending on your location and flooring type. Give careful thought to the best type of flooring for your climate.

How easy is it to maintain this flooring?

Different floors need different types of cleaning. The majority of floors need light sweeping or vacuuming (with no hard bristles) and use a neutral cleaner (such as Bellawood Floor Cleaner) for a deeper clean. Some floors can even be wet or steamed mopped. Always check your flooring choice’s care and maintenance guide or our Floor Care Maintenance section for maintaining specific flooring types.

How much flooring will you need?

Measure the length and width of a room and multiply one by the other to find the square footage of a room so you'll know how much to purchase. And be sure to add a 5-10% cutting allowance. Plus, it helps to buy an extra box of flooring to touch up any accidents during installation or down the road. And don’t forget smaller details. 


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